How to choose a dryer

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How to choose and buy a dryer

1. First of all, make sure to reduce the gap between the oil needle and the valve body, determine the productivity and precipitation range of the dryer, and make a scientific demonstration according to the local actual situation

if 3000 tons of wheat are dried in 15 days, the wheat with water content of 22% will be reduced to 14% safe water content. If the dryer works 29 hours a day, a medium-sized dryer with a processing capacity of 10 tons per hour should be selected. If the moisture is reduced by 5% per hour, the drying capacity is 16 tons per hour. However, if the moisture content of 3000 tons of corn is 26%, and the average ambient temperature is -5 ℃, the corn can be stored for about 15 days. If you work 20 hours a day and bake it in 30 days, and the safe water content is reduced to 14%, you can choose a small dryer with a processing capacity of 5 tons per hour. When the water content is reduced by 5%, the drying capacity is 12 tons per hour

2. If the grain processing capacity is large in the drying season in the production area with concentrated grain production, large, high-temperature, efficient and fast dryer can be selected according to the actual situation. The optional dryer should be large rather than small, because in most cases, the role of the drying mechanism needs to be played when the harvest season meets the rainy season. Large drying demand and low machine productivity cannot solve the problem. Large and medium-sized dryers should be provided in the production areas where national and local reserves and grain are concentrated

3. The service radius of the fixed dryer should be small rather than large, so as to reduce the transportation distance, reduce the cost and improve the benefit

3. The mobile dryer can be used in rural areas where grain production is not concentrated and small grain production areas in the south. The hourly productivity is generally 2 ~ 5 tons. It is best to use one machine for multiple purposes, which is not only suitable for food crops, but also for some cash crops. The service radius should be larger in order to play the role of mobile dryer

4. The dryer must be equipped with some auxiliary equipment to complete the drying operation. With a high degree of mechanization and reliable automatic control, the labor intensity of workers will be greatly reduced

5. The continuous dryer should be equipped with upper and lower level devices in the grain storage section. The temporary storage bin in the process shall be equipped with a full bin level device, and the hoist shall be equipped with automatic shutdown and blocking alarm devices. With the level device, when the dryer is full of grain, the level device will work, and the elevator will automatically stop feeding grain. When the grain in the machine falls to the unloading level, the elevator and other machines automatically work and supply grain to the dryer, so that the dryer can always keep full grain operation. The grain discharging mechanism shall be able to realize adjustment or stepless speed change. Temperature control is the key to ensure its performance, not just the linear speed certificate of grain quality. The temperature control instrument should be able to display the hot air temperature and grain temperature of each section. The temperature display must be accurate. The high temperature alarm is alarming for most state-owned enterprises

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