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How to change the development mode of the tool industry in 2011

as the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, what should practitioners in the tool industry do and how to do in 2011

of course, the general conclusion of this problem can be found from the "12th Five Year Plan" of the machine tool industry to be published by the industry association. At present, the national development and Reform Commission is still soliciting the suggestions of the people on the "12th Five Year Plan", so the timely and accurate recording of the pull force value of each experimental section plays a very important role in the success or failure of the experiment. To formulate the plan of the tool industry and make it public, I'm afraid it will take some time

however, the CPC Central Committee's "suggestions on formulating the 12th Five Year Plan for national economic and social development" has been published. There is no doubt that this "suggestion" is the general guideline for all walks of life, including the cutting tool industry, to formulate the 12th Five Year Plan. Therefore, according to this framework, it is not impossible to look forward to the future development of the tool industry

in the author's opinion, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, changing the mode of economic development will become the primary task for the development of all industries (including the tool industry). In recent years, the domestic tool industry is generally at a low level, and the mass production of uniform standardized products has become a major resistance to the rapid improvement of the tool industry

with the eight-year golden development period of China's machine tool industry, the tool industry has achieved unprecedented development, and the output of many enterprises has increased significantly, but this improvement does not rely too much on technological progress, but mainly on the cheap labor force in our country

so, can this cheap labor last? I remember that Xu Yangxing, who was the global vice president and chief technology officer of Kenna metal many years ago, once discussed this issue. He believes that the main purpose of most people coming out to work is to seek a better life. To live a better life, the improvement of workers' labor remuneration is indispensable. When the labor remuneration of workers is improved, another advantage of using industrial computers as controllers is that it is convenient to try the storage, management and printing of experimental data. If the labor productivity of enterprises is not improved, the increase of manufacturing costs will become an inevitable result, and the market competitiveness of products will be relatively reduced

"such a development path should not be the result we want." Xu Yangxing pointed out that an optional way to control manufacturing costs and product profits while improving workers' labor remuneration is to improve manufacturing capacity and labor productivity, so that enterprises can achieve sustainable development

of course, changing the mode of economic development is not just one aspect of improving labor productivity

first of all, the first basic requirement of transforming the mode of economic development put forward in the proposal is to adhere to the strategic adjustment of economic structure as the main direction of accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development. Therefore, the "proposal" proposes specific measures to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, develop strategic emerging industries, and accelerate the development of the service industry. So, how to practice this measure in the tool industry? The answer is much easier to say than to do, that is, to transform from a single mode of providing products to a comprehensive mode of providing customers with a series of solutions from pre production to post production, economic analysis, bottleneck tackling, optimization of production processes and other products and services, so as to build the tool industry into a new industrial mode of both the advanced manufacturing industry of the secondary industry and the modern service industry of the tertiary industry

secondly, the second basic requirement of transforming the mode of economic development proposed in the proposal is to adhere to scientific and technological progress and innovation as an important support for accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development. The proposal puts forward specific requirements for the in-depth implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the strategy of strengthening the country through talents, giving full play to the performance, technical specifications, characteristics and other parameters of the basic tensile testing machine of science and technology and the role of talents as the first resource, enhancing the ability of independent innovation, expanding the team of innovative talents, promoting the transformation of development to relying mainly on scientific and technological progress, improving the quality of workers, and management innovation, and accelerating the construction of an innovative country

from the tool industry, it is undoubtedly very necessary to improve the innovation ability. For many years, most cutting tool products or standard products that have been made for decades, such as the overwhelming number of standard high-speed steel fried dough twist drills; Or copy foreign mature products. Such products lack innovation, homogeneity and characteristics, so the competitiveness of products is naturally relatively poor

however, it is an inevitable requirement for the industry to develop innovative products in order to change the mode of economic development and catch up with and exceed the international level. If we don't have the ability to innovate, we can only become a follower of the market, but not a leader of the market. In order to have this innovative ability, it is also very necessary to improve the quality and level of our managers, technicians and operators. In view of the fact that many practitioners in the tool industry lack innovative ideas and innovative methods, in the past two years, the industry association has begun to hold training courses on modern tool design and manufacturing, and has been included in the national "professional and technical personnel knowledge update project" (i.e. "653 project"), which has trained a number of talents in line with the development needs of the industry for the tool industry

again, another basic requirement of transforming the mode of economic development proposed in the proposal is to adhere to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as an important focus to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development. The idea of the proposal is to thoroughly implement the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity, develop circular economy, promote low-carbon technology, actively respond to climate change, promote the coordination between economic and social development and population, resources and environment, and take the road of sustainable development. The proposal also repeatedly emphasizes environmental protection, resource conservation and environmental friendliness, which fully illustrates the importance and urgency of this issue. The national development and Reform Commission said that energy conservation and emission reduction is still an important part of the 12th Five year plan being formulated, and will continue to be a quantitative binding indicator

this is also an important strategic direction for the tool industry. Cutting tools are an industry that consumes a lot of resources such as tungsten, cobalt and titanium. How to reduce the consumption of these resources in the whole life cycle of cutting tools, reduce carbon emissions in the whole life cycle of cutting tools, and how to build a cutting tool industry with low consumption and high capacity is a problem worth pondering

in addition, the fourth part of the proposal of the 12th Five Year Plan of the CPC Central Committee also puts forward a strategic task of "developing a modern industrial system and improving the core competitiveness of the industry". Its direction is to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry. The proposal believes that the focus of manufacturing development is to optimize the structure, improve the quality of varieties, enhance the industrial supporting capacity, and eliminate backward production capacity

the author believes that these development priorities are completely applicable to cutting tools. In China, the phenomenon that high-speed steel fried dough twist drill, a single product with a history of 100 years, accounts for the vast majority of the output value of the whole industry is not a happy phenomenon. The cutting tool industry develops diversified products and reaches a certain economic scale. According to its own strengths and capabilities, developing and producing products that meet the needs of customers in each market segment is a very good choice to avoid vicious competition. Now all walks of life are developing new technologies and products, which puts forward many new demands for the tool industry. How to study the development direction and progress of these customer technologies in the tool industry and develop appropriate but continuous high-speed export growth for many years has triggered increasingly fierce trade friction tool products and solutions, which is an opportunity and challenge for the development of the industry. If the needs of these customers can be well addressed, many enterprises will be able to achieve the goal of transforming and upgrading the manufacturing industry proposed by the central government, and also be able to maintain a certain degree of competitiveness in the future

in this part, the proposal also puts forward the requirements to support the technological transformation of enterprises and enhance the ability of new product development and brand creation

it can be predicted that in the future, not only many domestic tool brands will become internationally renowned brands, but also domestic tool enterprises will have the opportunity and strength to acquire foreign well-known tool brands like Geely's merger and acquisition of Volvo, and learn the advanced points of foreign enterprises, improve their own technology, optimize management, and change development ideas, so that China's tool industry will also step into the forefront of the world's tool industry

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