How to choose 1220S plugging force tester and S205

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How to choose 1220S plug-in force testing machine and S205 load displacement curve instrument

the 1220S plug-in force testing machine sold on the market at present, S205 load displacement curve instrument is mixed. The customer basically can't see any difference from the data model when the oil delivery handwheel is opened. The only difference is that the price difference is large. However, general customers do not simply rely on low prices to place orders, but need to find a product with the best cost performance to meet their own requirements. The following points teach you how to judge whether it is a manufacturer or a dealer

1. Look at the promotional materials provided by the manufacturer. If the materials are all available from the Baige knife caliper to the mechanical testing machine, to the incubator, and to the three coordinates, it is proved that this manufacturer is not a professional manufacturer by optimizing the development layout of the four characteristic new material industrial bases of Maanshan Iron base, Tongling Copper base, Bengbu/Chuzhou silicon base, and anqing chemical industry. Think about where manufacturers produce everything. If all the products on the materials are produced by themselves, they are not limited companies, but should be a group. For example, Sanfeng will not have mechanical instruments, and Japan Aigo will not have environmental test chambers. As the old saying goes: This is the truth that there is specialization in the art industry

2. Ask the manufacturer to send samples, ask some technical questions when sending samples, or ask them to leave the contact information of technicians, etc. When sending samples, it is required to provide some product certificates (such as patent certificates, etc.)

3. See whether its main station is highly professional. You can open the main website of the manufacturer you want to know. If the products of the website are all inclusive, you should pay attention to their professionalism (similar to point 1)

4. Ask more. If you ask the manufacturer for any other contact information, it is often the manufacturer's technical personnel. Who doesn't know his own products like the back of his hand? If you are Japanese or Japanese, even the service personnel of the manufacturer will sometimes be speechless about the questions you ask. Of course, the professional developers of manufacturers can give such "difficult" customers a satisfactory answer

in addition, 1220S plug-in force testing machine and S205 load displacement curve instrument manufacturers are also divided into professional manufacturers and other manufacturers, and the service life of the watch box is shorter than that of the computer. So how to distinguish

1. The above four points can be investigated first to roughly judge whether it is a professional manufacturer

2. It is not reliable to ask them to provide other customer names in face-to-face communication. It is required not only to provide, but also to provide the software title of this customer, its geographical location, and which department to use. The key is to provide evidence such as the title of the software it provides to that customer

3. Generally, the software of other manufacturers is purchased by software companies and then configured with hardware. It is difficult to achieve the unification of software and hardware. For example, the software speed can reach 600mm/min, while the hardware speed may only reach 200mm/min. It is often difficult to modify some software slightly or not simply. So when communicating, you should ask a question and ask for some changes to the software. Maybe this change is of little use to your company, just to investigate the manufacturer

4. It is also required to provide software interface pictures. If the interface is the same as that of a brand in Taiwan, and the manufacturer is not its agent, you should pay more attention. Because at present, the software sold by software companies in the market is completely imitating a brand in Taiwan

5. Generally, the correction password is set for the purchased software, which will be provided after the full payment. The customer cannot determine whether the testing machine is accurate until the full payment is made

more importantly, when purchasing testing machines, any customer must ask the manufacturer to provide software with your company's title and logo. Because when your test report is given to your customers, it should not be the head of a certain instrument company, right? (end)

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