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At present, in addition to the traditional Xinhua bookstores, professional private bookstores with good credit standing, and online bookstores such as Dangdang and Zhuoyue, which have begun to establish cooperation in recent years, these bookstores are not only the publishing channel of the publishing house, but also the stage of store publicity and online marketing

for network marketing, which is no longer a new word, because of the diversity of network media, its utilization cannot be accurately measured

for some large publishing houses, we can test the water. For small and medium-sized publishing houses, how to take a steady road of network marketing is a top priority. On the one hand, publicity is imperative. Network marketing costs less than traditional publicity methods after all, and access to data can be observed. On the other hand, the choice of marketing channels and how to integrate the existing publicity channels and forces are also a headache. This requires publishers to constantly collect new marketing opportunities on the basis of ensuring the stability of existing distribution channels. For example, when testing the compressive strength of cartons, they must pay attention to setting the preload value (generally 220n) according to the test standards, and then conduct the test. Campus, happy community and twitter Weibo, which are popular, can pay more attention

the advertising mode of online search does not seem to be suitable for a single book variety with serious homogenization. Blog marketing and forum publicity have become slightly outdated, and how to catch the target readers has become our top priority. Community marketing is now a new tool worth looking forward to. The reasons are as follows:

first, if you build a community by yourself, the cost is not high, and you can integrate it with the existing publishing station; Second, the relative identity and topics of the people in the community are consistent, and the degree of harmony is high; Third, communities can provide group functions and voting functions similar to group blogs. Of course, personal logs can also exist

therefore, community is an inevitable end result of people's network life, which deserves the attention of the publishing house. How to start this network marketing road? It must first establish a station, input the books and other information of the publishing house, and make extensive publicity by taking advantage of opportunities such as book ordering meetings and author signing meetings. This is the first step

next, how to mobilize and not let customers hold on to their work? We provide free technical services and equipment maintenance due to the faults caused by the shortcomings of the goods, and we need the participation of original and new readers, such as collecting some book reviews, award-winning surveys, reader network exchanges, author reader network exchanges, etc., which can be considered

the author heard that Liaoning science and Technology Press has begun to try this. A website called Liaoke book friend interaction has been launched, and you can see the registration and exchange information of some books and. It only needs more authorization from the station administrator to have more communication opportunities, and the publicity of the station is not enough

online and offline marketing are increasingly inseparable, which is a trend. For small and medium-sized publishing houses, the initiative of online marketing should be paid enough attention. After all, materials such as threshold phase have good ductility, which is much lower for traditional marketing channels, and the cost is naturally small

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