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John Deere, Guizhou, deer everywhere

Guizhou handi - work together to create a better future

1. A quarry in Hezhang County, where "deer" run all over the mountain

"Xiaolu" has conquered too many customers of sand and gravel factories through his performance again and again. In addition, president Zhang is one of them. His quarry is located in Hezhang County

strong, fuel-efficient, energetic + high efficiency, good service

in 2016, the company purchased an E210 and a wl56 loader. There are many other equipment on the customer's site. After comparison, the reasons why the machine does not move are as follows: after more than one year of use, the customer insisted on choosing "deer"

2018 hand in hand, gravel factory lixingong

General Manager Zhang's gravel factory purchased two sets of John Deere equipment, an E240 excavator and an e260lc excavator again in April 2018. With new equipment and a new beginning, Mr. Zhang's gravel factory is full of "deer"

2. Zunyi minqianshun, two John Deere e360lc excavators started

Zunyi minqianshun is the largest sand and gravel plant in Zunyi Bozhou. At the beginning of its establishment, the company cooperated with John Deere to purchase two e360lc excavators

financing information audit door-to-door service, the firecracker sounded, gold million Liang! Two e360lc equipment stopped halfway after loading and unloading and joined the team

after 7 1 software operation manual; It has been used for more than half a year, and the facts have proved that it is right to choose "Xiaolu", which is fuel-efficient, powerful and fast

with the support of John Deere, e360lc and E240

have successfully delivered two e360lc and E240 devices to customers

8 sets of deer equipment work day and night in the aggregate factory of president Zhang and President Lin, creating wealth for them. I believe that in the future, there will be more John Deere equipment running around the country, and we will work together with you to create a better future

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