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Johnsmanville launched polyurethane SBS waterproof roll

it is reported that johnsmanville roofingsystems Corp Recently, self-adhesive polyurethane SBS waterproof coiled material has been introduced. This kind of SBS waterproof coiled material product has tensile and puncture resistance, and is used in low slope roof systems that need two or more layers approved by FDA

the SBS waterproof coiled material is characterized by self-adhesive bottom layer and surface layer, surface with granular material, self sealing joint and isolation film. It can also be laid with a knife and rollers, with less binder. This kind of SBS waterproof roll can be paved in breathable roof system, coping roof system or mechanically fixed roof system

the new SBS waterproof membrane formula increases the storage life of the product to 15 months, and can be used outdoors near the freezing point, without volatile organic compounds. It is said that the generated foam plays a role in connecting the roof panel and the insulation board

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