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Joe Pajer is the new CEO of vocollect

vocollect, Inc., which is committed to providing voice oriented solutions for mobile workers, announced today that its board of directors has appointed Joe Pajer, the former chief operating officer of the company, as CEO and president. In this position, Pajer will have all the executive leadership of vocollect, Inc. Roger Byford, co-founder of vocollect, will continue to serve as chairman and chief technology officer

byford said when announcing the news that tension springs were installed on the bolts to balance the bending resistance equipment: "This appointment reflects Joe's strong leadership and visionary guidance to vocollect since he joined the company as president of the supply chain solutions division in November 2008. Since then, the cryogenic tank has been controlled by single-chip microcomputer technology. Through Joe's efforts, vocollect has made outstanding progress in expanding its overall market leadership and expanding its global business. We are very happy to have Joe, a talented person Lead the company. " This announcement does not mention other management changes

vocollect can continue to achieve revenue growth and business expansion, including adding more than 100 customers in the first half of 2010, partly due to some strategic plans implemented in the United States under the leadership of Pajer in 2009. Vocollect expanded its sales force in the Asia Pacific region and Latin America last year, and is currently introducing a large number of innovative new voice solutions

Pajer has held senior management positions in high-end technology markets such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, personal computers and high-end computer networks for more than 20 years. Before joining vocollect, he worked for Marconi (plc.) in Pittsburgh Executive vice president and general manager of broadband routing and switching operations. Pajer also worked at for systems, Compaq Computer Corporation and at&t

pajer holds a master's degree in management and a bachelor's degree in civil engineering/engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. During his career, he held various board positions in various local citizens and professional organizations

pajer said: "I am very happy and honored to be appointed CEO of vocollect at this extraordinary moment. Voice technology is rapidly expanding into new vertical industries around the world, surpassing large warehouses and going deep into the manual Rockwell hardness tester experiments in warehouses. It is a simple workflow. Vocollect is a leader in all these fields. I hope to help continue this leadership - create great value for our customers, And change the way global logistics centers and warehouses operate. " Wenchuan Business News

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