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JLG (jieerjie) won the top four in 2014 China's high-altitude work platform user brand attention

JLG (jieerjie) won the top four in 2014 China's high-altitude work platform user brand attention

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on January 20, 2015, the 2014 top 10 list of brand attention of Chinese construction machinery users' hand-held operators to stop the pendulum from air striking once (without placing samples) was grandly released in Beijing, JLG (jieerjie) won the fourth place of "2014 China aerial work platform user brand attention", which reflects the high attention and recognition of JLG products and brands by Chinese users and the market

jlg (jieerjie) won the top four in 2014 China's aerial work platform user brand attention

"China Construction machinery user brand attention ranking" was selected and released by China road machinery, in conjunction with its construction machinery e-commerce. Based on the behavior data of 650000 registered end-users of China's road machinery in 2014, this selection generates a list by integrating the browsing times and inquiry times of end-users for specific brands or products. It is objective and fair, and it is the most direct and true reflection of China's aerial work platform market

this time, JLG (jieerjie) won the fourth place in the attention of users of aerial work platforms, which is not only an affirmation of JLG's market development work in China in 2014, but also to a certain extent reflects the expansion of the influence and coverage of JLG brand in Chinese user groups due to political tensions, the central bank's interest rate hike and the non-uniformity of western economic recovery, which is of forward-looking significance for market development in 2015

with the continuous improvement of safety awareness in China's construction industry, aerial work platform, a safe and convenient construction equipment, has received continuous attention from the market, and has become one of the few products with increased sales in the construction machinery market in 2014, with a bright future. JLG's high-quality products and services have become a sharp weapon to explore the Chinese market, and will be further recognized by users in 2015 and the longer term future, and will receive richer returns from the market

for the fourth place of "2014 China aerial work platform user brand attention", Mr. sumingcun, President of haoshike Group Asia, said: "thanks for the trust and support of the majority of users in China, JLG will continue to provide high-quality and reliable aerial work platforms and other products for the Chinese market, and contribute to the development of the Chinese construction market. The journey of development is doomed to be arduous, but we are confident that we will continue to expand our influence in the Chinese market in the new year, and we are confident that we will achieve better results in the New Year!"

about JLG

JLG (jierje) Co., Ltd. in the United States is a subsidiary of Oshkosh group, a New York listed company in the United States, and the world's largest manufacturer of aerial work platforms. It mainly produces different types of straight arm aerial work platforms, curved arm aerial work platforms, scissors aerial work platforms, fork loading and other products. It has production bases in Europe, the United States and China, and its business covers four continents

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