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For the seventh consecutive year, Johnson Controls has been listed in the "world top 500 enterprises' contribution list in China"

what is the correct method to calibrate the speed and force value of the tension machine? (Shanghai, China, July 27, 2018) recently, the 10th China enterprise society annual conference was held in Beijing. In the 2017 ranking of the world's top 500 enterprises' contributions to China released during the period, Johnson Controls, the global leader in smart buildings and energy storage solutions, was selected again, ranking 28th, ranking first among enterprises in the same industry. This is also the seventh consecutive year that Johnson Controls has been selected into the list since 2011. Its business operation, social contribution and corporate image in China have been highly recognized again, which fully demonstrates the efforts and achievements of Johnson Controls to promote green and sustainable development in China with innovative technologies and solutions

in the field of smart building, Johnson Controls, relying on its comprehensive leading strength in the fields of HVAC, building automation, security and fire protection, has brought leading smart building concepts to the industries such as smart transportation, smart medicine and data center, and successfully built its Asia Pacific headquarters building into China's first triple certified green building, establishing an encyclopedic demonstration effect of building energy efficiency; Johnson Controls also actively responded to green livelihood projects such as changing coal to electricity, and solved the urgency of coal combustion with leading waste heat recovery technology to improve air quality; In addition, with professional building energy-saving transformation solutions, Johnson Controls helps to improve the green and sustainable development level of existing buildings, alleviate the contradiction between people and land in the process of urbanization, and improve the green connotation of the city

in the field of energy storage, Johnson Controls' automotive battery products and energy storage technology comprehensively cover various types, from traditional fuel vehicles, start stop vehicles, micro hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles to pure electric vehicles. As an important position for the growth of Johnson Controls' energy storage business, Johnson Controls actively upgrades its product portfolio and capacity layout in China, and improves the economic and energy saving of automotive fuel with innovative and efficient energy storage solutions. At the same time, as a global leader in the field of automotive battery recycling, Johnson's traditional ultraviolet absorbent will react with it. Self control actively deploys battery recycling pilot projects in China, boosts the resume of the closed-loop recycling system of automotive batteries, maximizes the use of existing resources, and promotes sustainable development

in the process of realizing both economic and social benefits, employee volunteer activities have become the main driving force for Johnson Controls to fulfill the corporate society. Johnson Controls blue sky program is a public welfare activity platform for global employees. Since the project was launched in 2006, Johnson Controls Chinese employees have continued to carry out a series of activities such as helping students love the elderly and community services around the themes of environmental protection and safety education, including assisting in the construction of Johnson Controls blue sky program primary schools in Jiangxi and Guangzhou, For a long time, it has provided hardware support such as fire-fighting equipment and safety course training for migrant workers' schools near local offices and factories, and continued to carry out public welfare activities such as independent green tree planting for employees and their families

the world's top 500 enterprises in Huagong waste plastic composite material is a rich ore list that needs to be developed urgently. The final result is that this component can easily bear the mechanical load related to the start-up process. The China Enterprise Social Research Center, together with the all China Federation of trade unions, the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and other institutions, based on the global vision and China's position, from the perspective of business conditions, social contributions, social It is one of the most influential and authoritative corporate social awards in China to comprehensively evaluate the annual performance of the world's top 500 enterprises in China in many aspects, such as brand image. Founded in June, 2008, the China enterprise society research center is a professional research institution affiliated to the Southern Weekend Research Institute of the southern weekend newspaper, aiming to actively promote the research and practice of corporate social issues in the current situation in China

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