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John Deere launched wl56 wet axle wheel loader

John Deere launched wl56 wet 2. Limit protection function: with two-level limit protection of program control and machinery; Bridge wheel loader

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China, Beijing (February 1, 2015) - John Deere entered the Chinese construction machinery market. After launching the wl56 loader in 2013, it has constantly updated its products. Now Chinese customers can choose to carry the teammate wet brake bridge independently developed and manufactured by John Deere from the United States on the wl56. Updated wl56 has John Deere Powertech ™ The engine, johndier teammate wet brake bridge, johndier jdes imported monitoring system and electrical components, as well as the processing technology of structural parts synchronized with the United States, make the whole vehicle more integrated and have better performance. So as to improve work efficiency, extend normal operation time, reduce operating costs, and provide an ideal solution for the majority of construction machinery users in China

Wl56 wet bridge loader is independently designed by John Deere. Its production base is located in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, with world-class assembly production line and processing technology. Reeve expects that the company's bridge business will continue to grow, and the parts fully meet John Deere's strict quality standards. This wheel loader will receive the full support of John Deere dealers to provide customers with well-trained technicians and a full range of parts, making our brand famous in the world

"with the update of the wet bridge, the reliability and durability of the wl56 loader have once again confirmed that we listen to the voice of Chinese customers and develop products suitable for their unique needs. According to different levels of customer needs, they are mainly divided into the following three types:" Jason Daly, China sales director of the construction and forestry equipment department of John Deere said

wl56 loader adopts John Deere Powertech ™ The engine has the characteristics of strong power, good reliability and long service life. Even under extreme conditions, it can still maintain its superior performance. The machine is equipped with a four speed German ZF gearbox, and the gear shift is very smooth. At the same time, it also integrates our professional technical experience accumulated in the field of transmission technology. For more than half a century, we have always been committed to developing the most advanced transmission system of construction machinery. The machine has a reliable and simple hydraulic system, and is equipped with a solid rigid structure and heavy-duty bucket, so its performance is excellent and unparalleled in similar products. This new loader is equipped with John Deere teammate heavy-duty wet axle, which can maximize the running time and service life, and reduce the total cost of ownership of the product life cycle. In addition, wl56 is also easy to maintain, simple and easy to operate, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost. The open maintenance service door and the design on the left side of the maintenance point are convenient for daily inspection and regular maintenance of each maintenance and test point and filter

the driver's cab of this aircraft is spacious and comfortable, with roll over protection device (ROPS) and falling object protection structure (FOPS) inside, which fully meets all the needs of the driver for long-term operation. These include easy-to-operate pilot controlled double handles, luxury suspended high back adjustable seats, adequate storage space, and beverage cup holders. The instrument on the front console is clear, intuitive and easy to read. In addition, the automotive multi-directional air conditioner outlet provides effective air circulation and a comfortable operating environment

"Wl56 is a high-quality loader. Its parts are simple and durable, and it inherits the advantages of John Deere products accumulated for many years. John Deere's self-made wet bridge is stable and reliable after strict testing and years of market inspection. Its brake pads are enclosed in the axle housing, soaked in gear oil, and dissipated heat by oil circulation. Compared with the traditional dry brake bridge, which is prone to material pollution and wear and the brake system is easy to fail, the wet brake bridge is fully sealed It can realize simple maintenance, longer service life, reliable and durable braking effect, thus significantly extending the normal working time and working efficiency. " Liu Qingfeng, product marketing manager of the construction and forestry equipment department of John Deere company, said. "Wl56 is a reliable heavy-duty loader. The launch of wet bridge reflects John Deere's determination to continuously provide better products and services for the Chinese market. It is the perfect choice for users pursuing high-performance loaders and cost-effective users."

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