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JLG brings new products and forward-looking technology to 2017 CONEXPO

JLG brings new products and forward-looking technology to 2017 CONEXPO

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9 new JLG products will be displayed at gold booth g3946

on March 3, 2017, Shanghai - JLG (jieerjie), the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklifts under haoshike group, will bring its innovative new product portfolio Forward looking technology and outstanding customer support projects appeared at the g3946 gold booth of 2017 CONEXPO science and Technology Museum

the picture shows: JLG CONEXPO booth

"at JLG, we have always focused on promoting aerial work platforms, focusing on investing in our R & D field, and leading the future development of the aerial work platform industry through groundbreaking products and technologies." Mr. Frank nerenhausen, executive vice president of haoshike group and global president of JLG, said, "our investment is reaping corresponding returns, which can be seen from the new products and breakthrough technologies we showed in CONEXPO today. They are not only changing the current site operation mode, but also changing the future site operation mode."

during the exhibition, JLG will release 9 new products, including boom aerial work platforms, scissor aerial work platforms and telescopic boom fork loading. At the same time, JLG will also show a series of most popular products, including skytrak 10054 telescopic boom fork truck and 1932r electric scissors, so it can be used as a good basic material for flexible electronic equipment and "large strain sensor" aerial work platform. In addition, another new product displayed on site marks that JLG will enter a new product field

in the same period, JLG will also show a series of new technologies for improving platform productivity, increasing operator training opportunities, and improving construction safety. In addition, JLG will also introduce its comprehensive after-sales market plan, including spare parts, service and training, as well as second-hand certified refurbished equipment

in addition to the booth, JLG will also appear in the technology experience Hall of the exhibition. The exhibition hall covers an area of about 75000 square feet and is dedicated to displaying new architectural innovations and emerging technologies that drive industry change and process optimization. JLG will display two exhibits. The first is the future training method using the aerial work platform simulator. The simulator adopts an advanced game based learning mode, such as playing games, so that the operator can be familiar with the control of aerial work platform and telescopic boom fork loading, as well as the key and operation of measurement accuracy. The multiplayer simulator enables an operator in the experience hall to interact with two operators on the JLG booth at the same time, experience the real scene and complete specific tasks in the same computer simulation environment

"virtual reality meets the needs of measuring different materials. Technology provides operators with an immersive experience, allowing them to better understand the real working environment." Mr. Rick Smith, senior director of JLG global product training, said, "the simulator creates a unique training opportunity. Even in the face of difficult working environments such as high altitude or narrow space, the operator can learn and operate with the lowest risk."

the second exhibit is the JLG virtual reality theater. On site visitors need to wear virtual reality headgear to feel the JLG contactless enhanced detection system. The contactless EDS detects adjacent objects based on sensing technology, alerts the operator of obstacles through auditory and visual warnings, and synchronously slows down the running speed of the equipment. When the equipment is too close to obstacles, EDS will take braking measures for the equipment. Once braking, the reverse action mode can be started only when the equipment is at a safe distance; Unless the operator rewrites the system, approach the obstacle further and slowly by manual operation. If the system is not rewritten, the equipment will always be in the reverse action mode until it is far away from the object to a safe area, and then the equipment will resume normal operation. The standing theater uses handrails to make the audience stand in rows, imitating the fence of the aerial work platform to further enhance the virtual experience

effectively scan the surrounding environment through contactless EDS to detect obstacles

the technology experience hall will also hold a series of brief speeches on different topics. Mr. Robert Messina, senior vice president and chief technology officer of hosco Group Engineering and technology, will deliver a speech in the auditorium of the technology experience hall at 11:42 every day. He will take robot technology as the topic to discuss how robots can improve construction safety on the construction site, enter inaccessible work areas and complete operations through remote control

is the key to ensure the accuracy of spring testing

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