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John Deere Shanxi customers visited Tianjin Construction Machinery Factory

John Deere Shanxi customers visited Tianjin Construction Machinery Factory

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on the morning of June 26, John Deere Shanxi customers visited the construction machinery factory located in Tianjin TEDA economic Development Zone, Had a wonderful "John Deere user experience tour". The activities include classroom explanation, machine demonstration, factory visit, etc. After arriving at the factory, the customers entered the spacious and bright building conference room. The operation director of the factory first delivered a speech, introducing Deere's overview, factory conditions and safety matters. The main contents are John Deere's corporate culture, new machine/second/leasing financing services, the uniqueness of product design, equipment selection and fuel saving skills. The whole content is to reflect John Deere's business and service philosophy of "honesty, trustworthiness, high quality and innovation". Product design and manufacturing, as well as product sales and services, are closer to customers, making it easier for customers to buy and use Deere machinery, relieving customers' worries, saving customers money and making money

then, everyone put on the helmets, glasses, gloves, headphones and protective shoes issued by the factory, followed the commentators into the factory workshop to visit, and then test drove the new E360 excavator that was about to go offline. The workshop is clean and tidy, with yellow channels marked on the ground, and the shrinkage rate of car forming: 3.1 (7) 7% of vehicles are separated from pedestrians. UL the wercs can provide globally compliant GHS automation tools and the world's leading sds/msds automation tools and professional services to ensure safety. When visitors arrive at a key position, professionals will give special explanations. There are two production lines in the workshop, which produce and assemble excavators and loaders respectively. The workers are working in an orderly manner. The production process, There are strict quality requirements in the assembly process and test process. Everyone can put forward ideas for improvement of the process and maintain continuous improvement to continuously improve the product quality. After experiencing E360 in person, customers all said that the large tonnage Deere excavator not only has a spacious and comfortable cab, but also shines in front of them in terms of performance. The on-board diagnostic system can immediately reflect the fault code, so that it can be repaired at the first time. The optimized power mode can improve work efficiency while reducing costs. Customers are looking forward to the offline of E360 in August

at the end of the visit, the manager in charge of technology communicated with each customer, listened carefully to the users' questions, made professional answers one by one, and distributed small gifts to each user. The short and substantial visit is over, and we look forward to the next zero distance contact with customers

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