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Don't be a "wage earner" with smart waistcoats

China's robot market is huge and the industry is in the ascendant. However, China's robot industry has also encountered problems such as technical trauma and overheating of low-end production capacity. If we can improve the level of robots by enhancing the ability of independent innovation, we will certainly drive the development of machinery, electronics and other fields, change from a follower to a parallel and leader, and speed up China's transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country.

in the recent period, China's robot industry has blossomed everywhere. Not only the coastal manufacturing provinces have set off a boom in machine replacement, but also the investment in the field of robots is in full swing. However, the message is mixed

the good news is that the market is huge and the industry is in the ascendant. The data shows that the sales volume of robots in China has increased significantly in recent years, and has become the fastest growing robot market in the world. Moreover, the number of robots per 10000 workers in the manufacturing industry is far lower than the global average, and the production process has a great impact on the safety of materials, which means that there is still huge room for growth in the market. The demand exploded like a blowout, driving the robot industry to usher in great development. According to incomplete statistics, more than 30 robot related industrial parks or bases have been built or planned nationwide, and more than 4000 enterprises are close to robots

the worry is that the performance of various low-end composites is still not as high as the high bearing capacity of carbon fiber composites due to technical difficulties. On the one hand, in terms of cutting-edge and key technology research and development, most domestic robot enterprises and institutions are basically still in the stage of follow-up research or imitation, and there is a big gap between key parts and their reliability and foreign products. On the other hand, in terms of the industry itself, domestic robots are mainly used for handling and loading and unloading, which is in the low-end field of the industry. More than 90% of industrial robots in operation do not have intelligence. The weakness in technology and products is directly reflected in the market share, and foreign robot giants are in an obvious monopoly position

further analysis, due to weak independent brands and lagging research and development of core components, at present, most robot enterprises in China either import components at high cost and then integrate them, which is at the lowest end of the industrial chain, and the controllable profits of products are limited; Or try to reduce costs from parts and components, blindly expand production capacity, and products can only be gathered in low-end application fields. These two ways are the failure of some industries in the past. If the robot industry repeats its mistakes, the ordinary hydraulic universal experimental machine can only be loaded manually, which is bound to become a worker who changes into an intelligent vest

where is the new road? There is no choice but independent innovation. To seize the new opportunities of the third industrial revolution, robots are expected to become an important entry point and growth point. If China can take off the Pearl at the top of the manufacturing crown by enhancing its ability of independent innovation and improve the level of robots, it will certainly drive the development of machinery, electronics and other fields, change from a follower to a parallel and leader, and open up new space and add new chips for China to move from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power

to speed up the change of the current embarrassing situation of robots, the urgent task is to establish an effective mechanism for the docking of industry, University, research and application, open up the last mile of technology into products, and break through the bottleneck that restricts the tackling of core components for a long time. In addition, we should speed up basic research, cultivate innovative backbone enterprises, integrate industry resources, break through all links of key technologies, and improve the market influence and share of our own brands

in the context of the global strides towards the era of intelligence, it is up to us to seize the core technology and take solid steps in innovation driven development to tap the potential of robots and overtake in corners

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