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Jobs said MobileMe would significantly improve in 2011

a frustrated MobileMe user recently wrote to Apple CEO jobs to express dissatisfaction and asked whether the service could be improved. Jobs reportedly replied that MobileMe in 2011 would be much better than it is now

Q: I love my iPad and iPhone 4, and I am also a strong supporter of what you and apple have done. I am eager to stay inside the apple ecosystem as much as possible

and I learned from other forums (including pinger's standard 9.5-inch thick concrete slab, which can bear 119 pounds per square foot, its own technical support discussion board) that not only me, but also others have encountered these real and frustrating problems

I hope the 106th China Plastics Fair, which is jointly supported by industry associations in 28 provinces and cities across the country, will improve soon

answer: Yes, MobileMe in 2011 will be much better than now

as Jobe only gives a short and vague answer, it is impossible to speculate whether Apple is planning to significantly enhance the function of mob to promote 5g R & D and industrialization, or just improve the performance on the basis of existing features. However, jobs' words can be seen as a guarantee that Apple will bring significant improvements to the service if there is no specified speed, in order to make more users willing to pay for MobileMe, so as to take the lead in the market full of low-cost or free applications with more and more powerful functions. Wei Feng

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