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John Deere first launched three construction machinery products in China

John Deere first launched three construction machinery products in China

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Guide: as one of the world's largest construction machinery markets, the development potential of China's construction machinery after entering 2013 is still concerned and optimistic by the industry. Not long ago, johndeere, a global 500 company, announced the launch of three construction machinery products E210 (21 ton) excavators and

as one of the world's largest construction machinery markets, China's construction machinery development potential after 2013 is still concerned and optimistic by the industry. Not long ago, johnde3 and data differentiation ere, the world's top 500 enterprises, announced that in China 17, control function: countries with constant speed control mode launched three construction machinery products - E210 (21 ton) excavator, E240 (24 ton) excavator and wl56 (5 ton) loader. This marks that John Deere, a world leading agricultural and construction machinery manufacturer with 176 years of brand history and an important position in the industry, has officially entered the Chinese construction machinery market after agricultural machinery

Jason, China Sales Director of construction and forestry equipment department of John Deere company? Jasondaly said, "John Deere believes that China is one of the largest construction machinery markets in the world, and we are very proud to participate in it."

according to the relevant person in charge of John Deere company, these three products represent the first batch of models of John Deere's full product line in China. They are independently designed by John Deere of the United States, and have the characteristics of reliability, durability, energy conservation, high efficiency, easy maintenance, comfortable operation and so on. Its production base is located in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, with world-class assembly line and processing technology. All machine parts fully meet the strict quality standards of John Deere and are fully supported by John Deere dealers

relying on the professional experience and technical strength of developing the most advanced transmission system of construction machinery for half a century, John Deere brought E210 (112 kW) and E240 (143 kW) excavators equipped with John Deere Powertech? The engine, supplemented by wet engine cylinder liner (intercooling), high load cooling system and power optimization and matching control technology of hydraulic system, not only meets the EU phase II emission standard, but also improves work efficiency, reduces energy consumption and improves operating performance. In addition, reliable structural parts, electrical systems, and chassis related components further enhance the durability of the machine. Spacious and comfortable cab design, multi-directional adjustable seats, automatic temperature control system, intelligent fault solutions: powertest3.0 software needs to back up e, B, l, l files under the software installation path and the data file diagnosis system under the data folder, as well as simple and easy maintenance and maintenance, which shows humanized design everywhere. At the same time, wl56 is a new 5-ton wheel loader designed for Chinese users. It is equipped with John Deere Powertech? The engine (160 kW), equipped with a four speed German ZF gearbox, a reliable high-pressure hydraulic system, a solid rigid structure and a heavy bucket, can maintain its superior performance of strong power and durability even under extreme conditions. Roll over protection device (ROPS) and/or falling object protection structure (FOPS), convenient pilot control double handles, suspended high backrest adjustable seats, clear and intuitive front console instruments and automotive multi-directional air conditioning outlets provide users with a comfortable operating environment. Moreover, the maintenance of wl56 is simple and easy, which can effectively reduce the operation cost

"these three machines are designed in strict accordance with John Deere's process and integrate the voice of customers," said liuqingfeng, product marketing manager of the construction and Forestry Department of John Deere. "We very much hope that Chinese customers can experience the advantages of John Deere's products in improving work efficiency, prolonging operation time and reducing operation costs in the application process."

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