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John Deere high-quality forage equipment delivered to tumed Left Banner in Inner Mongolia

John Deere high-quality forage equipment delivered to tumed Left Banner in Inner Mongolia

2014- timely replacement of China's construction machinery information, that is, the first layer is a great mobilization

on May 28, it officially entered the lithium battery field, hosted by the tumed Left Banner Committee of the Communist Party of China and the people's Government of tumed Left Banner, The "handover ceremony of high-quality and high-yield alfalfa machinery and equipment in tumed Left Banner" hosted by the tumed Left Banner grassland industry association was grandly held in tumed Left Banner, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

handover ceremony site

as the world's leading forage equipment manufacturer, John Deere is the most important supplier of Alfalfa equipment purchased by TUZUO banner this time. With the strong support of the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Hohhot municipal Party committee and government, and the TUZUO banner government, John Deere company actively negotiated with the TUZUO banner grassland association to understand the needs of local users, and provided advanced and applicable equipment for enterprises and farmers' cooperatives that plant Alfalfa on a large scale in TUZUO banner, including r450 self-propelled lawn mowers, 630 traction disc mowers and flatteners, 338 square balers, wr1010 lawnmowers, 5b series 554 tractors, Provide strong support for alfalfa production in TUZUO banner

At the handover ceremony of John Deere 5B series 554 tractors and 338 square balers at the scene of the handover ceremony, Kang cunyao, member of the Standing Committee of Hohhot municipal Party committee and Secretary of TUZUO Banner Party committee, Inner Mongolia, said: adjusting the industrial structure and developing modern grassland construction are important measures for TUZUO banner's important county economy and one of the important measures to enrich the people and strengthen the banner

"after these large-scale machines are settled in TUZUO banner, they will significantly improve the mechanized operation level of local and even Hohhot alfalfa industry, and provide a strong driving force for promoting the development of local grass industry." Niu Biao, President of TUZUOQI Grassland Industry Association, said excitedly

During the activity, song Yaqun, executive deputy general manager of John Deere China marketing department, together with representatives, delivered vehicle keys to the heads of ten alfalfa enterprises and cooperatives in TUZUO banner, and jointly reviewed the alfalfa machinery fleet. Song Yaqun said, "we should adhere to John Deere's core values, provide users with the best quality products, and bring users the highest value and the best service experience."

among the delivered equipment, the fleet of John Deere r450 self-propelled lawn mowers with a fuselage of 5.6 meters long, a height of 3.2 meters and a ground clearance of 1.09 meters attracted the attention of participants in particular. These mowers have strong power and can maintain good operation efficiency in different working environments. They can harvest 140 mu of Alfalfa per hour. They use John Deere high-pressure common rail turbocharged engine, with power of 200 horsepower, and the fastest operation speed of 25.7 kilometers per hour. They are reliable, easy to operate and efficient

the motorcade composed of John Deere r450 self-propelled lawn mowers especially attracted the attention of participants.

it is reported that in order to further improve the production capacity of high-quality alfalfa, improve the degree of intensive and professional production, effectively promote the development of the grass industry, provide guarantee for the sound and rapid development of modern dairy industry, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of grassland animal husbandry, in 2013, TUZUO banner government continued to implement the "demonstration construction project of high-yield and high-quality alfalfa in Inner Mongolia", The central government will grant subsidies of 600 yuan per mu to alfalfa planting with more than 3000 mu of concentrated contiguous land. After a year of efforts, more than 10 enterprises and cooperatives such as xiangdao company and Jinniu grass industry actively responded to the call of TUZUO banner Committee and banner government, transferring 164000 mu of land in 6 Township centers and 15 administrative villages, and intensively planting 134000 mu of high-quality and high-yield alfalfa, creating the largest alfalfa base in the history of TUZUO banner and becoming the largest alfalfa base in Hohhot. This year, the alfalfa enterprises in TUZUO banner will continue to expand the planting area, actively introduce and absorb advanced technology and professionals, and strive to build the alfalfa planting industry in TUZUO banner into a first-class, best quality and largest modern grassland planting demonstration area in the autonomous region

after the meeting, Beijing R & F Zhongcheng Technology Development Co., Ltd., one of the machinery sellers, John Deere dealer, conducted professional training and on-site demonstration for forage enterprises and cooperative robots who purchased machinery. Deng Jian, deputy general manager of Beijing R & F Zhongcheng Technology Development Co., Ltd., said, "we will continue to uphold the concept of 'being a man and doing things honestly' and serve users wholeheartedly!"

carry out professional training and on-site demonstration for forage enterprises and cooperative robots who buy machinery.

the successful holding of this handover ceremony marks a major breakthrough in the development of alfalfa industry in TUZUO banner. At the same time, it has built a "bridge" between agricultural and animal husbandry machinery production enterprises and farmers, which is conducive to promoting the further promotion and popularization of mechanization technology of forage production if failures are eliminated, The development speed of forage mechanization in Zuoqi was greatly affected by the radiation

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