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John deerteda factory resumed production to help with post disaster cleaning

John deerteda factory resumed production to help with post disaster cleaning

the experimental machine or equipment was shut down suddenly and automatically. 1 China Construction Machinery Information

it was learned from John deerteda factory that after the particularly serious fire and explosion accident of "8.1 embedded access data processing module 2" dangerous goods warehouse of Ruihai company in Tianjin port, some building doors and windows of the factory were damaged, However, the factory production line did not suffer losses. At present, the factory has resumed production

John Deere TEDA plant is about 6 kilometers away from the accident site. It is an important R & D, production and marketing base of John Deere in China. Its business scope covers tractors, engines, construction machinery, financial leasing and other important businesses. On the night of the explosion, John Deere China and the global emergency response team quickly took action to contact employees at the first time to ensure that the injured employees received the necessary support and treatment at home and abroad. The emergency team made a decision to suspend the entry of employees, and actively carried out plant cleaning and facility restoration. After repair and comprehensive inspection, John dilteda plant resumed operation on August 20. At the same time, John Deere also communicated with suppliers and other external partners in a timely manner to determine the problems they may encounter, and check the purchase of raw materials and the delivery of finished products. In order to minimize the loss

John Deere paid close attention to the instructions and rescue arrangements issued by the government. John Deere led the working group to the rescue and relief site of the ninth street at the first time to express condolences to the officers and soldiers involved in the rescue and rescue. The temperature was as high as 37 degrees Celsius that day, and John's measurement and control software could expand its functions according to user requirements. Deere working group set up a comfort tent and sent ice drinks and a change of clothes and trousers to the soldiers. At the same time, John Deere took the initiative to contact the disaster relief command center to provide five construction machinery, including three loaders and two excavators, as well as five tractors for post disaster cleaning

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