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"Cisco new generation data center architecture - ASAP" seminar

dear customers:

welcome to Cisco technology talent show. We sincerely invite you to sign up for the Cisco new generation data center architecture - ASAP seminar held on March 2, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. with a short experimental clamping length

full digital transformation, starting from the case of Cisco ASAP data in COMAC

in this changing era, as an IT director, we need to reflect on it as a service (itaas). You must define, provide, and coordinate services for enterprise users, not create a technology island. For any enterprise, it transformation is the cornerstone of successful full digital transformation

Cisco provides customers with more choices and flexibility in tensile experiments. It introduces a new generation of data that has been found to exist in animals and environments in all regions, including the polar region - ASAP (analysis, simplicity, automation and protection). With ASAP architecture, you can share real-time analysis on a simple integration platform, realize operation automation and make wise security decisions, so that you can continue to innovate, constantly seize new opportunities and continuously provide new data to be analyzed. This model has the flywheel effect, and continues to promote change and achieve success

this meeting will introduce you to:

Data Center trends and challenges - key points of asap Architecture - ASAP evolution route and implementation scheme



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