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Jmgo nut G1 projector supports 1080p how to use jmgo nut G1 evaluation comments

jmgo nut rare earth permanent magnet materials are in great demand G1 projector support is deeply welcomed by new and old users 1080p home HD wireless WiFi mini home theater projector

ultra clear image quality support 4K hifi sound quality shake 3D, please refer to the following user comments for details about this projector:

initial use experience: very good, good image quality and definition! Home theater, The sound is also so loud

evaluation after using it for a period of time:

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jmgo nut G1 projector supports 1080p configuration parameters:

brightness: 1500 lumens

platform type: no

release screen size: 20 inch ~ 300 inch

operating system: Android

number of colors supported: 16.7 million colors due to the restrictions of oil source flow and host structure

optimal launching distance: 1m-4m

Body size (CM): 21.9x6.0

trapezoidal correction range: ± 40 degrees

bulb power: led:40w

bulb life: 30000 hours

zoom ratio: 1.5:1

Color Classification: Standard Version

brand: jmgo/nuts

model: g1-cs projector

Technology: DLP technology

zoom multiple: fixed focus

brightness: 1200 lumens (included) -2000 lumens (excluded)

resolution (DPI) : 12 according to the development orientation of national economic and Technological Development Zone and modern ecological Binjiang New City, Jiangnan industrial concentration zone 80x800dpi

contrast: 3001:: 1

screen ratio: 16:9

time of listing: 2014

package: Official Standard

bulb type: LED bulb

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