As the benchmark of wealth creation in the village

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As the benchmark of wealth creation in the village, who is boss Chen's "capable and loving general"

as the benchmark of wealth creation in the village, who is boss Chen's "capable and loving general"

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beside a wide Township Road in Shibi Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province, two Shanhe intelligent swe90e excavators just pulled back from the construction site are parked on a vacant lot. The fresh "mountain and river green" and Hainan blue sky and white clouds constitute a beautiful picture. Their owner is boss Chen Changmian, Nanxing village, Shibi town

"in recent years, other things can be changed, but Shanhe intelligence cannot be changed, nor can it be changed". As the benchmark of wealth creation in the village, boss Chen said that these smart excavators have always been his "capable and loving generals"

Shibi town Nanxing village chenchangmian Chen boss

Shibi town is a key hot farming town in Qionghai City, Hainan Province, and is one of the main mountain planting bases for rubber and areca. With the prosperity of agriculture, the local population has increased year by year, which has also led to the prosperity of housing, municipal and other basic projects in Shibi town

in 2008, at a time when the demand for infrastructure construction and housing engineering in Hainan was booming, there were not many practitioners engaged in engineering construction. Boss Chen saw the opportunity and hurried to start several second-hand flocking interior materials of international brands. At present, they are mainly used in car columns and officially joined the engineering contracting industry. "Doing the right thing at the right time", Mr. Chen, who grasped the opportunity, gradually established his reputation in the village with his down-to-earth and hard-working professionalism and fast and good engineering quality. More and more projects came to the door, and the business became more and more prosperous, almost covering all the earth and rock projects, road repair, basic municipal and other projects in the village

but in 2015, boss Chen made an unexpected decision

in that year, boss Chen successively replaced several brand excavators with Shanhe intelligent excavators by using the touch graphic control interface. Some colleagues in the village said they didn't understand, "after entering the industry for so long, they haven't handled any international and domestic brand excavators. They have accumulated a lot of experience over the years. With experience, they certainly know how to choose better machines. It's right to choose Shanhe intelligence! Besides, the maintenance cost of those 'foreign' machines is too high to afford fuel consumption.". According to boss Chen, at that time, when his career was on the rise, there were more and more jobs, but originally, he had a wide range of manual speed regulation, and several "foreign" brand excavators delayed him from time to time because of the high maintenance cost. At the beginning of 2015, I have been thinking about reorganizing my "belongings". At that time, I just heard a friend introduce Shanhe intelligent products @ supporting equipment: good brand. Boss Chen personally went to Hainan Branch several times to test the machine, and finally decided to buy his first Shanhe intelligent excavator

boss Chen drives Shanhe intelligent excavator

with the addition of Shanhe intelligent excavator, boss Chen's engineering team "adds wings to the tiger". With the advantages of higher construction efficiency, strong operational stability, and better solving a variety of engineering construction problems, boss Chen has obvious advantages compared with other famous brand excavators before. Many projects "come from admiration", and boss Chen's business is more prosperous. In addition, the excellent after-sales team of Shanhe intelligent also solved the problem of machine after-sales maintenance that had been bothering boss Chen before, "Shanhe intelligent after-sales service is very efficient. In the past, guys came to deal with it immediately and often came to help the machine with daily maintenance. Now I don't have to worry about delaying the construction because of the maintenance time. These guys are great! The money they earn basically goes directly into their pockets, which is a lot higher than before." in just three years, due to the increase in the number and difficulty of engineering projects undertaken, Boss Chen has successively purchased two Shanhe intelligent excavators

Shanhe intelligent service team does daily maintenance for boss Chen's excavator

in recent years, the overall number of excavators in Hainan Province has increased significantly, as has Nanxing village where boss Chen is located. As soon as there are more machines, the competition intensifies. Talking about the changes in recent years, "the competition is more intense than before, but with the word-of-mouth and experience accumulated in recent years, plus the hands of several Shanhe intelligent excavators, the peers still have some distance to catch up with me, and the current profits can still be well maintained", said boss Chen proudly

Shanhe intelligent has won wide recognition from customers in Hainan Province. While winning the reputation of customers, it has also won the affirmation of the market. According to statistics, the sales volume of Shanhe intelligent in Hainan Province in 2018 increased by 300% year-on-year compared with that in 2017, with great momentum! In the new year, with the increasing competition in China's construction machinery industry, Shanhe intelligent will continue to base itself on quality, adhere to independent innovation, and provide customers with leading products and services

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