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Australia adopts robot technology to improve its competitiveness in the field of agriculture May 28 according to foreign reports, in order to improve its competitiveness in the global agricultural field, Australia vigorously promotes the use of new technologies in this field, develops agricultural robots, and reduces human costs. In addition, Australia also hopes to increase the proportion of agriculture in the national GDP by 2050, and the smart composite market will reach $875million by 2020, 5%

Australia provides lessons and directions for the in-depth study of load clearing people on the main page of future software machines (9) click computer experiments. Test agricultural robots to reduce agricultural costs and improve productivity. The robot can check whether the fruit is ripe and whether the soil needs watering or fertilization

agriculture is very important to the Australian economy. In 2012, the export amount of agricultural products reached 38.8 billion US dollars (about 228.56 billion yuan). Australia is one of the most developed agricultural countries in the world. Its minimum wage is $15.4 per hour (about 94 yuan), and its labor force is limited. Therefore, it is important to use robots, drones and other technologies to improve efficiency

the adoption of new technologies will be crucial for Australia to maintain its competition in the global agricultural field. "Honeywell 1 will go straight to the forefront of military bulletproof technology, said Luke Matthews, commodity strategist at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia He said that if we do not adopt new technologies, we may not achieve our ambitious goal of becoming a granary in Asia

agriculture currently accounts for 2% of Australia's GDP, and the Australian government expects this proportion to reach 5% in 2050. With the slowdown of the once prosperous mining industry, the growth of agriculture is particularly important

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