The hottest plastic market is surging, and high-te

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The plastic market is surging, and high-tech products are outshining others.

affected by the unstable factors of international oil prices and the European debt crisis, at present, the development of plastic tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation and yield strength materials industry is facing phased difficulties, the demand in the middle and lower reaches of the market is seriously depressed, and all plastic manufacturers are actively seeking good strategies to tide over the current difficulties. In addition to adjusting the product structure, optimizing industrial upgrading, strengthening brand advantages and seeking new development directions, improving the content of science and technology and accelerating the research and development of high-tech products have become important measures for manufacturers at home and abroad to win by surprise and strive for breakthroughs. Now HC will take a look at the high-tech products in the plastic market with you

Recently, we learned from the liquid crystal branch of China Optical and optoelectronic industry association that with the success of the optical film production technology independently developed by China Lucky Film Group, China has become the fourth country that can independently produce optical films after Japan and Han guoxiaochen introduced the project and the United States

optical film is an important raw material of liquid crystal display panel and an important part of flat panel display industry. The notice on continuing to organize and implement the industrialization of the strategic transformation of the color TV industry in 2010, issued by the general office of the national development and Reform Commission on May 8, 2010, lists optical films as key supporting materials, and encourages enterprises to strengthen research, development and production

"As optical films are high-tech products, the products have been monopolized by several enterprises in the world for a long time, such as Toray, Mitsubishi resin, Toyo textile, Teijin, SKC and Cologne in South Korea, and 3M and DuPont in the United States. Among them, SAIC Group and Ningde period held 49:51 shares in SAIC during the period. Among them, Japanese companies such as Toray and Mitsubishi resin accounted for more than 90% of the global optical film market. Rakay products." Before the market, Chinese enterprises have not been able to produce optical films. " The person in charge pointed out that in 2009, about 190000 tons of optical films were imported into China, worth about 10billion yuan

after years of hard work, China Lucky Film Group successfully produced qualified optical films at the end of 2008, becoming the only company in China that can independently produce optical films. At present, the production capacity has reached 35000 tons/year. In February this year, China's first high-performance film Research Institute, lucky group, was completed and put into operation. It will focus on the demand for high-performance films in industries such as flat panel display, new energy and new lighting, and carry out research on optical grade polyester base film and precoated bottom polyester base film

Dow Corning silicone technology helps the development of rubber and plastic industry

during the 25th International Rubber and plastic conference, Dow Corning showed its advanced silicon-based solutions with the characteristics of energy saving and improving performance. These products and technologies are widely used in automotive, electronics, plastics, rubber and other industries

as a global leader in silicone and silicon-based technology and innovation, Dow Corning provides diversified and sustainable products and technologies, and its additives, composites and substrates are widely used in the rubber and plastic industry. Mairongde, vice president of aim Global Business Department of Dow Corning special chemicals industry, pointed out that Dow Corning's products and technologies closely follow the development trend of new materials and new energy, which is consistent with the key development areas of strategic emerging industries clearly put forward in China's "ten accounting for more than 60% and Five Year Plan"

mairongde said that the application of Dow Corning's technology in the rubber and plastic industry makes products more energy-saving and efficient. The products and technologies on display this time include: tpsiv high-end thermoplastic silicone elastomer based on silicone thermoplastic patent technology can provide customers with softer material choices, thus bringing a softer, silky and ergonomic touch to the product surface. In addition, its unique material properties and easy coloring properties greatly improve the beauty of product design; Silicon powder resin modifier can be used to improve the processability or physical properties of plastic formulas, especially when used in plastic systems containing a large number of non halogen flame retardants, it can improve the processability and mechanical properties; A high-performance halogen-free flame retardant material additive, which retains the superior mechanical properties of the original material and has better flame retardancy; Siloxane masterbatch with good dispersion, strong compatibility of carrier resin and high content of effective components has a unique surface modification effect, which is applicable to a variety of plastic parts. It can be used as a processing aid to reduce the surface friction coefficient of products and enhance the scratch resistance and wear resistance

BASF shows innovative biodegradable polymer products

BASF showed ecoflex, a fully biodegradable and compostable polymer product, and its latest applications at the 2011 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition. Compostable garbage bags made of ecoflex and polylactic acid synthetic material ecovio help to collect organic waste efficiently and healthily, so that it can be converted into high-quality compost under specific conditions in industrial composting facilities

BASF also announced the launch of a Facebook application called compostasiaplexe (Asian composting initiative) to help reduce the incidence of landfilling and incineration of organic waste

"BASF actively responded to China's call to develop composting facilities and strongly supported the environmental protection proposals at the two sessions." Haber said, "relying on the experience of BASF's global pilot project, we are confident that we will succeed in China and turn waste (organic waste) into treasure (compost). From the pilot results in Thailand, it will be easier to start implementing local solutions first than national promotion."

at BASF booth, paper coating ecoviofspaper and agricultural film application are two highlights of biodegradable polymer innovative products. Ecoviofspaper can be used for coating paper cups and cartons. The biodegradable film with ecoflex as the raw material can be completely biodegradable through naturally occurring microorganisms without relying on any additives

as a leading enterprise in the global biodegradable polymer market, BASF provides customers with a variety of biodegradable packaging and agricultural film solutions

postscript: market dynamics are changing rapidly, and various unstable factors are also secretly acting. Let's wait and see who can break out of the siege and set sail

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