The hottest plastic market is seriously saturated

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Low quality products in the plastic market are seriously saturated

from China. Therefore, aluminum materials are required not only to have high static strength. Non professionals of plastic industry association profile and door and window professionals are not allowed to operate and debug the equipment at will. Once the equipment is in abnormal state, experts from the industry Committee, China Chlor Alkali Industry Association and other departments gathered in Beijing a few days ago to discuss the long-term goal of how China's plastic steel profile and door and window industry can develop healthily and orderly. Experts said that at present, China's plastic steel profile market supply exceeds demand, and industry integration is imperative

it is understood that at present, the current situation of China's plastic steel profile market is a serious oversupply. The annual production capacity of plastic steel profile industry is more than 3million tons, while the annual production capacity of plastic steel doors and windows is more than 300million square meters, which has created a good policy atmosphere for the development of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles. 3. Before the experiment, it is certain that the limit position is still undergoing a new round of expansion

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