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We have repeatedly stressed that food safety, food packaging safety is an important part of food safety, and food packaging safety is closely related to the quality of food packaging machines. In addition, the application of safety packaging materials is also an important part of food safety. It is a top priority for food packaging safety to develop new safe packaging materials and make them compatible with food packaging machines, which requires the food packaging machine industry to start from its own links and protect food safety to the greatest extent

the application of safe packaging materials is a matter of national concern, which is also highly valued by the relevant government departments. In recent years, the government departments have continuously strengthened the monitoring and inventory of food packaging materials, so as to eliminate the continuous production and application of food packaging materials that are harmful to human health and have potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety of food packaging from the source. Although the probability of electromechanical appearance is not very high

in order to effectively implement the food safety law of one bale of onions and one bag, government departments mainly carry out the work of cleaning up food packaging materials that may be harmful to human health, and resolutely crack down on the use of packaging materials containing harmful substances for food packaging processing and illegal production and manufacturing of food packaging materials. Be cautious when using food packaging. Machine manufacturers should also be strict with themselves, actively develop new packaging materials, and study the compatibility between food packaging machine equipment and new packaging materials. Food production and processing manufacturers should make practical efforts to produce conscientious food and reassuring food, and effectively respond to relevant policies and regulations in the selection of packaging materials. Du definitely has the application of food packaging materials with potential safety hazards, and choose high-quality food packaging machines produced by regular manufacturers

the application of food packaging machine to safe packaging materials is an important link related to food safety, and all parts in this link should be practically improved and improved

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