Research on the application of PDM in aircraft man

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Research on the application of PDM in aircraft manufacturing tooling design

1 introduction

in recent years, aircraft manufacturing technology has undergone fundamental changes. The traditional aircraft design and manufacturing method, which adopts the analog quantity transmission system of die line template, standard sample, part forming mold and assembly mold, has been extended to digital prototype, digital preassembly, numerical control and manufacturing solutions, It will put forward higher requirements for the design and manufacture of the tooling of the flying impact machine, which can record the instant force value of the impacted sample when it is impacted by the hammer. The original operation mechanism, project management and engineering data management system can no longer meet the current business needs. In addition, the tooling design department has adopted three-dimensional digital design to simulate the aircraft assembly process and conduct finite element analysis on the key parts of the tooling; In the process equipment components, the profile related to the shape is processed by numerical control; Cat optical tool system is used in the installation of some moulds. Through the application of CAD, CAE, cam and CAT technology, the development of productivity has been promoted, and the enterprise has achieved obvious benefits. However, as various computer-aided technologies become more and more mature, various application units are self-contained, and there is a lack of effective information sharing and utilization between each other. As a result, a large number of electronic data are increasing day by day. Data management and utilization have no effective means for researchers to introduce "sacrificial bonds" into polymer materials. Therefore, the aircraft process equipment department urgently needs a set of project and engineering data management system to solve the current problems in engineering data management, workflow management and so on. PDM, as a key enabler to manage the information and process related to products and support concurrent engineering, is the best solution to the existing problems, and it is also the inevitable result of the development of enterprise computer informatization to a certain stage

2 PDM principle

product data management (PDM) is a tool to help engineers and managers manage product data and product development process in the whole product life cycle. PDM system ensures to track a large amount of data and information required for design and manufacturing, and thus support and maintain products

from the perspective of products, PDM system can help organize product design, improve product structure modification, track the design in progress, and find archived data and relevant product information in a timely and convenient manner; From the perspective of process, PDM system can help coordinate organizations, such as design review, approval and change, workflow optimization, and product release process events. The design of PDM system embodies the concepts of concurrent engineering, agile manufacturing and sophisticated production

many enterprises have realized that the orderly management of information will become the key factor for them to maintain a leading position in the future competition. PDM is an indispensable part of manufacturing enterprise informatization. Cimdata, a world-famous PDM consulting company, pointed out in its report on the implementation of PDM that 98% of the surveyed enterprises plan to implement PDM. At present, PDM is becoming a hot spot in the manufacturing industry. According to foreign statistics, the application of PDM can shorten the product design cycle by 25%, reduce the engineering design modification by 14%, speed up the product launch progress by 50%-80%, and reduce the total cost by more than 25%

3 existing problems and solutions

at present, Hongdu group company has two precision instrument problems in the process of aircraft tooling design and manufacturing due to the realization of enterprise Digitalization: on the one hand, the concurrent problem of tooling design and product design based on PDM, on the other hand, the problem of data management in the process of tooling design. PDM technology is the best way to solve the existing problems. Therefore, PDM is selected as the support platform to solve the problems

PDM product selection

according to the main factors such as the function of PDM commercial software, the openness of the system, the integration of the system and technical services, the product is investigated, and the EDS product Iman is selected in combination with the actual application of computer-aided technology in the enterprise

implementation objectives

the specific implementation objectives are as follows:

establish a perfect process equipment product database, and manage the data generated in the process of tooling design; Establish safety management mechanism and formulate authority rules

establish workflow management, and standardize approval and change

establish the product structure management mechanism, summarize and count the product list and various inventory

integrate and package the corresponding application software in the enterprise

customization of Iman function modules

on the one hand, due to cost considerations, it is impossible to install a complete PDM module on each computer; On the other hand, Iman function modules are customized according to the work roles of different tooling product departments and different stages of tooling products. Customized Iman application modules are as follows:

Iman basic module

product configuration module

advanced configuration module

workflow module

image management module

development tools

application program interface


key technology analysis

summarize the key technologies and difficulties in the localization implementation of PDM system as follows:

Product object definition and coding

product object attribute definition

data model relevance

support tooling design process management based on concurrent engineering

secure access mechanism

4 technology realizes the functions of

pdm system, especially its document management, product structure configuration, process control and authority management functions, which must be able to support the work of each stage in the formation process of tooling products. At the same time, when adopting advanced engineering methods such as concurrent engineering, the application function of PDM system must be able to provide strong support. Through Iman product structure management function, all engineering data and documents of tooling products are linked. Configuration management describes the change of product structure with batch sorties. Document management and product structure management provide the basis for configuration management. In addition, the integration of PDM system with CAPP and ERP is also very important

product database and document management

in the process of gradually realizing computer informatization in enterprises, a large number of computer-aided applications are applied to aircraft design and manufacturing departments. Due to the inconsistent data formats generated by these incompatible software, various storage media, and different personnel organization and management, enterprises cannot manage, design Data information can be effectively transferred between process and manufacturing departments and between relevant enterprises to realize information sharing. Information is transmitted mainly through written documents, statements, electronic data and contact methods. In addition, due to the efficient and rapid production of system software, this information has formed an explosive growth trend. The document management function of PDM system is set up to solve this problem. It manages all information carriers in the product life cycle -- documents, and ensures the consistency, effectiveness, integrity and security of data. This is also the basic environmental support for implementing the parallel working mechanism of aircraft design and manufacturing. The realization of document management technology includes: data object establishment, data organization model, data warehouse, the realization of document management function and data retrieval function

workflow management

the data management function of PDM system ensures the centralized management and security of product data, while the process management module coordinates and controls the process of producing

these data, which can establish serial or parallel workflow, so that engineers and technicians can coordinate their work in parallel. When users open their inbox, they can see the latest work task list and corresponding documents, and then they can carry out the corresponding work through the integrated application. The project initiator or executor can use the workflow viewer Check the execution status of the whole project at any time until the work is completed

permission management

in the process of product development, according to the traditional way, the data is finally confirmed after different operations by different personnel, but in Iman, it is realized by process management. In the process of process execution, users with different roles on different nodes have different access rights to data. This is achieved by setting different roles of different nodes with different permissions when defining process templates, and users other than process executors also have different permissions to these data. All this is controlled by the permission rule tree defined in Iman

product structure management

use the product structure management function of PDM system to realize the management of tooling product structure and configuration information and bill of materials. Tooling designers can use the graphical interface provided by PDM to view and modify the product structure. PDM system manages serial products through effectiveness and configuration rules. The product structure configuration rules are pre-defined by the system administrator according to the enterprise product structure configuration rules (batch sorties), and are determined according to the product version and working status. PSM links all the data of product definition, including tooling product 3D a, which should be different from the source 2D model, analysis data, technical description, process documents, etc., with the product structure, so that designers and reviewers can easily know the impact of a change. At the same time, the multi view function provides different departments with the function of configuring BOM from different angles

the product structure management module of Iman system provides the functions of product structure creation and configuration

integrate and package various application software

integrate with cad/cam

realizing the concurrent development of products in Iman will involve a large number of cad/cam/cae applications, and Iman can effectively integrate cad/cam/cae software to realize the concurrent development of products in Iman

encapsulate various application software

iman system encapsulates the following common software (such as word, Excel, msphotoedit, AutoCAD, acrobatreader, etc.), and provides a check-in/check-out mechanism (check-in/check-out) for the encapsulated file system to prevent multiple people from modifying the same data file at the same time

5 summary

this paper studies how to apply PDM in the tooling department of Hongdu Aviation Industry Group, combined with the idea of concurrent work, to solve the problem of unified and effective collaborative work mechanism of key engineering technologies such as tooling digital design, manufacturing and measurement due to the continuous in-depth application of cad/cam/cae in the aircraft tooling Department, so as to realize the standardized management of tooling design, manufacturing and measurement digitization. (end)

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