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Research on the application of biochip technology in packaging (4)

3.2 detection of specific proteins in packaging

in food packaging technology, various packaging processes will have varying degrees of impact on the protein composition of food. The composition and content of various proteins in food directly determine the quality and flavor of packaged goods. Some proteins need to be tested when developing new products. Biochip can detect many kinds of proteins at one time

40 countries and regions in the world have implemented the deposit system. The microarray technology of tablets uses the interaction between antibodies and antigens, receptors and ligands to study the structure, function and modification of specific proteins in many aspects, and provides a favorable tool for the proteome research laboratory to leave a space of no less than 0.7m around. Microarray technology is to further miniaturize microplate technology. Recently, researchers at Harvard University have developed compound microarray chips, which are mainly used to screen compounds that can specifically bind to specific proteins. They chemically treated the surface of the glass slide to produce active groups by derivatization, and then pointed the compounds dissolved in organic solvents on the surface of the I-treated glass slide with a manipulator. The compounds reacted with the active groups on the surface of the glass slide and were fixed on the surface of the glass slide. In this way, different compounds were arranged into microarrays and fixed on the surface of the glass slide to make compound microarray chips. Then the protein of interest is labeled with fluorescence, and then reacts with the compound on the microarray chip. After cleaning, the compound that can specifically bind to this protein can be screened by fluorescence detection

3.3 toxicological analysis and detection of packaging

many packaging materials have certain toxicity to varying degrees, especially the mutual diffusion of components between packaging materials and packaging materials. Some toxic components, such as heavy metals, will enter the packaging materials during the storage period of commodities. Therefore, the toxicity evaluation of packaging and commodities is a very important link in the process of packaging technology research

at present, most toxicological studies use rats as models to determine the potential toxicity of packaging materials and packaging materials through animal experiments. These methods take several years and cost a lot. DNA chip technology can link the toxicity of packaging with the characteristics of gene expression, and the toxicity of packaging can be determined through gene expression analysis. DNA chips can be used to analyze the expression of thousands of genes in one experiment at the same time, providing new clues for the study of the effects of packaging materials or heavy metal molecules on biological systems. This technology can analyze single or multiple harmful substances, determine the toxicity of chemical substances under low dose conditions, and analyze and infer the comparability of toxicity of toxic substances to different organisms. If the gene expression corresponding to different types of toxic substances has a characteristic law, then by comparing the gene expression profiles of control samples and toxic substances, we can classify various toxic substances. On this basis, by further establishing an appropriate biological model system, we can reflect the toxicity of toxic substances to human body through the changes of gene expression

at the same time, biochip can also study the micro reaction between packaging and packaging by detecting the content of heavy metals and their compounds in packaging

4 conclusion

biochip technology is a comprehensive high-tech, which involves the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, materials, microelectronics, bioinformation, precision instruments and so on. It is a research field with strong interdisciplinary. Although the research of biochip has made great progress so far, the development of some related technologies restricts its further development. For example, with the improvement of chip integration and the reduction of the amount of reactant 10 used, the signal generated by it is becoming weaker and weaker. Therefore, the requirement for high-precision detectors is imminent. In addition, micro processing technology, chip packaging and preservation are also aspects that should be paid attention to in the research and development of biochips

in the process of biochip technology research and application development, there are still many unknown areas that need our efforts. However, with the development of this technology, it will open up a broad prospect for packaging technology before selecting fixtures

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